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The Temple Guard is one of the most active Units of El Bekal Shrine, and is prepared to serve the needs of El Bekal and the Potentate at all times. The Temple Guard is charged with the responsibility of tiling the Center at all meetings during the transaction of business, and at all Ceremonials during the presentation of the ritual and the initiation of candidates. Each member is expected to participate actively in all official functions, carry  out the duties assigned, drive a mini car in parades, and uphold the traditions of the Unit.

Their regular business meeting is held on the forth Tuesdays of each month. A fellowship dinner precedes this. Each member is required to have a uniform wardrobe, some of which is furnished by the Quartermaster. The balance must be bought and paid for by the member.

For information on how to join call (714) 563-9111 and they will give you the name of their Secretary