Directors Staff

The Director’s Staff is a Unit, and as such, has certain assigned duties and responsibilities to meet. The Unit constructs, maintains, handles and sets up the stage for the Ceremonials, Stated Meetings, and provide sound and lighting support for the Ceremonial. Anyone in the construction field, do-it-yourselfers, sound and lighting buffs, stagecraft hands, mechanics, and any others interested in technical accomplishments are welcome. The Unit works at the Shrine Center on Saturday mornings between 8:30 am and 12 noon unless a Shrine event (parade, circus, ceremonial, etc.) is taking place.

The Unit participates in parades with their Calliope Float; no marching is required.  They wear white trousers, short sleeve white shirt with embroidered emblem on the back and fez; all provided by the member. They have dinner meetings, with their Lady’s on the third Wednesday of each month. There is no Initiation Fee. The Annual Dues are $30.00

Call the Shrine office (714) 563-9111and they will give you the name and number of their Secretary.