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A Unit of El Bekal Shrine whose members now serve or have served in the Armed Services of the United States, Canada, Mexico, the Republic of Panama, or our Allies and who were Honorably Discharged.

Their purpose is to perpetuate the memory of those who died in the service of their country, to foster a spirit of patriotism and love of country, and to further and support the interest of El Bekal Shrine. Serves as the Color Guard for the Shrine and they serve at the will and pleasure of the Potentate. They march in all sanctioned parades and wear the Official Parade Uniform. They present Colors at the Potentate’s Official Visits to Units and Clubs. The uniform is a tuxedo with distinctive trim. Each member provides his own uniform.

The Initiation Fee is $20.00 and the Annual Dues are $20.00. The parade uniform costs approximately $65.00 and the tuxedo, whatever the member can afford, plus approximately $15.00 for the trim. They have meetings  monthly on the first Saturday for dinner.

To join Call the Shrine Office Call the Shrine office (714) 563-9111and they will give you the name and number of their Secretary.