• El Bekal Halloween Party 2017

    October 14th, 2017

    Come join your fellow Shriners at El Bekal for our Halloween Party 2017! The party will be held at the El Bekal Shrine Center Sunday October 29th, 1-5pm. For more informaton click on the following link.

  • Fall 2017 Shrine Ceremonial

    October 8th, 2017

    El Bekal Shrine held it's annual Shrine Ceremonial in October. It was well attended and our Ceremonial Divan put on a great performance. We are glad to welcome our newest Nobles to El Bekal Shrine. See the pictures by clicking the here.

  • New Dues Notices from Imperial Shrine

    August 31st, 2017

    By now you have received your dues notice for your shrine dues. It may look different than before because now the dues notices come straight from Imperial Shrine Center, head quarters for AAOMS. Dues are due December 31st, 2017. If you have any questions please contact El Bekal's Recorder.

  • Latest El Bekalans

    September 1st, 2017
    Download the latest edition of our Shrine's newsletter, The El Bekalan. Click on the link below to see our collection of El Bekalan newsletters. 

    See the El Bekalan  
  • Shriners For Children Medical Center Now Open

    October 13th, 2017

    It is with great pleasure to share with you that we have successfully obtained all our licenses for the primary care clinic, rehab, and our surgical clinic to open Shriners for Children Medical Center. For more information read the entire article here.

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El Bekal Shrine 2017 Illustrious Potentate Carl Spalin

Tin Lizzies Shrine Unit

Tin LizziesCaptain: Ted Segerstrom
Lieutenant: Steve Butler
Secretary: Dale Edwards
Treasurer: John Edgmon
Liaison: Gene DeRaad

Welcome to the Tin Lizzies Page

The El Bekal Shrine Tin Lizzie unit was originally created as a group within the Valencia Shrine Club in 1962 and was converted into a regular parade unit of El Bekal on Oct. 11, 1982. It was formed for the purpose of having some fun while promoting the El Bekal Shrine efforts and Shrine Hospitals for Children through participation in various holiday parades throughout Southern California. The distinctive Tin Lizzie "Model T" cars are widely recognized and enjoyed by the parade spectators, and are one of the first parade units that come to mind when someone mentions the "Shrine". The Tin Lizzies enjoy parading and the unit participates in more parades than any other El Bekal unit.

The Lizzies are real parade crowd pleasers with their antic filled driving style and wide variety of horns and other noisemakers. Their size also makes them particularly attractive to the children along the parade route. The El Bekal Lizzie unit is limited by its by-laws to 21 active regular members and cars for parade safety reasons plus other associate members who can act as substitute drivers. The unit currently participates in about eight to ten parades each year, with usually 8 to 12 cars at each parade.

The El Bekal Tin Lizzie cars are required to look generally alike, specifically as small black "Model T" replicas with red trim plus one "tow truck". This look-alike strategy was originally done to enhance the chances of winning a parade participant prize/trophy, but since we have several trophies and no place to display them, we rarely actively compete for the parade prizes anymore.

The Tin Lizzie Ladies are also an important part of the unit, organizing various non-parade parties and events for the group as well as being with the guys at pre-parade breakfasts and after-parade parties. When the Ladies are found as a group among the parade spectators, custom dictates the Lizzie drivers to briefly stop as a group and acknowledge the Ladies with their noisemakers. All in all, the Lizziers have a lot of fun, both in parades promoting the Shrine cause and together at our many non-parade events.

Dale Edwards Rev. 1.3, July 28,2006

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