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El Bekal Shrine 2017 Illustrious Potentate Carl Spalin

Oasis Patrol Shrine Unit

Oasis PatrolPresident: Joe Hammond
Captain: Joe Hammond
Secretary: Joe Hammond
Liaison: George Boyd

Welcome to the El Bekal Oasis Patrol Page

The Patrol is one of the two Shrine Units that are required by Imperial Shrine Law. By tradition, the Patrol of El Bekal changes its name every decade. The Charter Patrol was the first and these Patrolmen were directly responsible for the creation of El Bekal Shrine in 1952.

Although the name of the Patrol may change, its purpose does not. The Patrol is the official escort of the Potentate. The Captain of the Patrol is the only Captain appointed by the Potentate; all others are elected by their Units. The Patrol forms an honor line for, and escorts all, dignitaries including the Divan, and also marches in parades.

El Bekal Patrolmen are identifiable by their distinctive eveningwear, which is a modified Naval Officer dress uniform worn at formal functions, such as Potentate Visitations. They are also known for the swagger sticks they carry. The formal attire, and a red and white parade uniform, is purchased by each Patrolman. The Swagger sticks are on loan until three years after becoming an active regular Patrolman.

The Patrol has drill practice as specified and directed by the Captain, who is also in charge of Visitations, Parades, and out-of-town trips. A dinner meeting is held on the 3rd Tuesday of each month at a restaurant designated by the President of the Patrol, who is in charge of all business meetings and social functions. In addition to the President, the regular members of the Patrol elect a Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, and Board of Directors each year. Appointed by the Captain are an Adjutant. a Guide-On, and a Quartermaster. The Adjutant acts in place of the Captain if he is unable to attend a function, the Guide-On commands the honor lines, and the Quartermaster is in charge of obtaining and dispensing supplies including food and drinks at Patrol functions.

The Patrol’s main fundraiser is a White Elephant Sale each fall. Social functions include a Potentate’s Visitation. a 4th of July party and a Christmas party. The Patrol generally has a Hospitality Suite at out-of-town functions. The ladies of Patrolmen play a very active role in patrol as well at other Shrine activities.

Patrolmen are a group of dedicated Nobles with the camaraderie and lasting friendships of one of the finest Units in Shrinedom. ALL Nobles are invited to join the Patrol. CaII the Center for details or ask any Patrolman at any time.

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