• El Bekal Halloween Party 2017

    October 14th, 2017

    Come join your fellow Shriners at El Bekal for our Halloween Party 2017! The party will be held at the El Bekal Shrine Center Sunday October 29th, 1-5pm. For more informaton click on the following link.

  • Fall 2017 Shrine Ceremonial

    October 8th, 2017

    El Bekal Shrine held it's annual Shrine Ceremonial in October. It was well attended and our Ceremonial Divan put on a great performance. We are glad to welcome our newest Nobles to El Bekal Shrine. See the pictures by clicking the here.

  • New Dues Notices from Imperial Shrine

    August 31st, 2017

    By now you have received your dues notice for your shrine dues. It may look different than before because now the dues notices come straight from Imperial Shrine Center, head quarters for AAOMS. Dues are due December 31st, 2017. If you have any questions please contact El Bekal's Recorder.

  • Latest El Bekalans

    September 1st, 2017
    Download the latest edition of our Shrine's newsletter, The El Bekalan. Click on the link below to see our collection of El Bekalan newsletters. 

    See the El Bekalan  
  • Shriners For Children Medical Center Now Open

    October 13th, 2017

    It is with great pleasure to share with you that we have successfully obtained all our licenses for the primary care clinic, rehab, and our surgical clinic to open Shriners for Children Medical Center. For more information read the entire article here.

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El Bekal Shrine 2017 Illustrious Potentate Carl Spalin

The El Bekal Shrine has been in existence since the 1950's. El Bekal has had a rich history of community and charity work. To this day, El Bekal is still strong in the community and helps generate funds for the Shriners Hospitals. El Bekal is also a great group of guys and gals, a one-of-a-kind concordant body. Feel free to view our list of past potentates below. *'s indicate those past potentates who have past on to meet the Supreme Architect of the Universe.

* Cedric S. Perry 1952 * Francis H. Gentry 1953
* Robert R. Ruchti 1954 * Oakley K. Morton 1955
* W. Blair Gibbens 1956 * Edward M. Humes 1957
* Cecil L. Fulcher 1958 * Robert H. Webb 1959
* George F. Thagard, Sr. 1960 * James Munholland 1961
* Ralph E. Barnes 1962 * Jessie M. Allen 1963
* Roy T. Reynolds (Lucille) 1964 * Leroy H. Crager (Virginia) 1965
* Roy A. Hopkins 1966 * Louis J. Anfinson (Helen) 1967
* J.S. Scotty Finlay 1968 * J. Dick Sisemore 1969
* Archie Lloyd 1970 * C.R. Jerry Johnson 1971
* Howard L. Thorp 1972 * Kirby C. Serles (Evelyn) 1973
Robert R. Ruchti II (Diana) 1974 * Max G. Miller (Jean) 1975
* Henry W. Eilers 1976 * Ralph C. Bryson (Edie) 1977
* Richard E. Hixson 1978 * Junior V. Lewis 1979
* David B. Slayton 1980 Preston M. Jones (Marvel) 1981
Ray G. Thagard, Sr. (Gayle) 1982 Louis Andreatta 1983
T.D. “Ted” Grinager (Erna) 1984 * Steve Gallina 1985
Fred Sorsabal (Marlene) 1986 * Harold E. Sievers 1987
* S.K. Stu Rothchild 1988 * George Royce 1989
* Fred Gutierrez (Marie) 1990 Robert Lash (Donna) 1991
William Pherrin (Lillian) 1992 * J. Floyd Price 1993
*Donald A. Nielsen (Sally) 1994 Leo Sutliff (Obra) 1995
Richard O. Hughes (Wanda) 1996 Max Hiles (Bea) 1997
Don Eyer (Joan) 1998 Joe Pendergast (Mollie) 1999
Ken Jahr (Nancy) 2000 Bill McIntosh (Lynne) 2001
* Art Menzel (Evelyn) 2002 Ray Biggerstaff (Pauline) 2003
David P. Suehs (Jo Anne) 2004 Donald K. Sorsabal (Dee) 2005
Ron Schemm, MD (Barbara) 2006 William Salpaka (Virginia) 2007
Bill Roland (Kay) 2008

Coy Love (Margaret) 2009

Gary Hooper (Sharon) 2010

John Rider (Barbara) 2011

*Bill Sizemore (Lynda) 2012

George Boyd (Mary) 2013

Roger Ross (Lynn) 2014

John Kavedjian (Rosie) 2015

Don Leger (Gloria) 2016

Associate Past Potentates

*Hans Lindquist 1991

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